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Side of the pioneer party members - Song progress

Article 3 of the First Chapter of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China stipulates that the Communist Party should drive the masses to work hard for economic development and social progress and act as a vanguard in production, work, study and social life. This is the party constitution and requirements of party members.

There is such a vanguard party on our side. He was once rated Pingyang County outstanding party members, the company's production minister Song progressive comrades.

One, brave heavy burden, happily off the workshop
Old Song was originally sitting in the office, 2 people a room, watching the computer, blowing air conditioning, sitting next to the assistant, small things do not have their own run, the day was very good. But one day, he was suddenly sent to the first line of the workshop, to the assembly workshop. The assembly workshop, a total of more than 500 employees, including 400 workers, because the workshop is done the last product process, so the speed of production, product quality, the great impact on the development of the company. Sent the old Song to this workshop, the old Song actually accepted, when many people do not understand, neither promoted nor paid, stood bright and spacious office do not sit, leaving leisurely refreshing work do not do, to the noisy intersection, Hot and cold alternately, many people complicated, heavy responsibility for the assembly plant to join in the mountains, is not a bit dull mind.
Finally, the old Song or happily took office assembly workshop.
One into the workshop, the old song like a person like, from the early melancholy, flames, in a very short period of time we have recognized the implementation of unprecedented reform measures: to strengthen ideological and political work, strengthen the team leader team building, transformation process , Change the layout, improve tooling, rebuild the pay system and so on. Six months later, the effect has emerged, the overall capacity of the workshop increased by 28%, product quality has improved. What is the concept of 28%? That is, the past is the order and other production, Sinotrans large trucks at the door waiting for the delivery of the shop; now, it is to produce more orders to the sales orders.
Second, dare to break the problem, and repeatedly become a success
Still with the Korean experts to implement the process of production innovation, the old Song found a technical problem, which is the brake with manual assembly, both a waste of manpower and time, but also cause quality instability.
Can this problem be solved? The search for the national counterparts to verify, the result is that all manufacturers are so assembled, in this regard seems to have no innovation to improve the possibility, or someone has been reformed, but failed. So, we used to.
Can Song Song not only believe that this evil, even a person who even engaged in a "brake with a one-time automatic assembly" of the innovation test. Turn the data, draw the drawings, do tooling, engage in test; a program failed, then the second; the second failed, do more difficult third. 4 months in the past, this problem has finally been overcome, the old Song out of the automation of the "brake with a one-time assembly" device. At that time, perhaps some people do not believe that a national counterparts did not engage in successful things, you have a process and technical work based on the old Song even solved?
It is a real solution, after a professional and a period of extremely rigorous trial production test, the device has a high degree of automation, assembly pass rate is high, after use has produced great benefits, the production line with the amount of 40 %, The results later won the Wenzhou City Science and Technology Achievement Award, then also attracted domestic counterparts technical staff attention.
Third, good at innovation, all aspects of change
Lao Song served as Minister of Production, its creative thinking and new performance.
For example, the company's equipment and technology section has been clamoring for the staff is not enough, the old Song to some research, actually made other people's unexpected decision, not to increase the staff, but the abolition of three people, and strict implementation process Management and division of responsibilities, the results of the two departments to improve the efficiency of the work. Due to the special nature of the second workshop, usually do a lot of inventory. The high inventory rate has not improved, but the high stock generated by the cost of consumption, profit is obvious. Lao Song took over the management, the scientific measurement co-ordination, then changed the old law, made a 40% pressure on the practice of inventory, the intensity of the people beyond the habit of thinking, and some worry will affect the production, can prove that the old Song It is right.
Another example, in recent years, the price of the product war in recent years played hot, Samsung Electrical and Mechanical also bear a huge cost pressure. In order to reduce the efficiency, the company from top to bottom, Eight Immortals, the supernatural powers. Lao Song is also actively thinking about how to strengthen the competitiveness through the strengthening of innovation, he vigorously promote the three workshops "three changes" that improve the process, transformation of the scene, improve the method, and the implementation of the workshop target responsibility system, the first half of 2016 Many, received a good reduction, efficiency, reduce the effect.
This is our side of the vanguard party members - Song progressive comrades. He not only practiced the long-time advocates of the Communist Party members should be hard-working spirit, but also dedicated to the contemporary era of more valuable wisdom and talent.