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Miao Lichun won the title of "Pingyang County Top Ten Science and Technology Leader"

     In the recently held Pingyang County in-depth implementation of the "two strategies" and scientific and technological innovation conference, my company deputy general manager Miao Lichun won the "Pingyang County top ten scientific and technological innovation leader" title, by the General Assembly grand recognition. Comrade Miao Lichun has long been responsible for the production and technical work of our company, resolutely implement the strategy of establishing science and technology enterprises, organize and lead R & D personnel, vigorously carry out technological innovation and product innovation, vigorously promote the machine transfer work, vigorously carry out mass innovation creation activities , In research and development, quality control, and achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the company's high-tech products to create the output value increased year by year for the company's stable development has made contributions.