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City Federation of Trade Unions "workers art show" large-scale variety show in my company came to a successful conclusion

     July 23 evening, organized by the Wenzhou City Federation of Trade Unions, Wenzhou City Workers Cultural Palace, Pingyang County Federation of Trade Unions contractors, "Wenzhou City workers propaganda grassroots line 2016 Pingyang station" activities held in my company. Activities, 14 by the county employees of self-directed programs staged, reflecting the majority of workers love life, love the spirit of labor, the scene climax after another, applause constantly.
     Now we come to look at the style of the evening show:
     Dance "Four Seasons"
     Performance: Pingyang County Staff Art Troupe

   1, song "song of laborers"

       Singing: Su Miao Feng; harmony: Pingyang County Art Troupe

2, Tai Chi performance "Tai Chi dance rhyme"
     Performance: Huang Zi Yang and so on

   3, poetry recitation "Samsung Light"

     Recitation: Li Jie, Pan Jingwei

   4, song and dance "under the old village"

     Singing: Su Zhongyuan; dance: Bai Si Ting, Li Sun stove


  5, Pieces "Journey to the West"

     Performance: Yiming company Ran Hong and so on

6, music Allegro "labor hold up the Chinese dream"
     Performance: Wenzhou City Art Troupe

 7, dance "more Gaduoye"

     Performance: Samsung mechanical and electrical Zhang Xiaoqin and so on

 8, song dance "Wanquan River boat shake"

     Singing: Xie Meiju, Chen Zebin; dance: Lin Xiuli and so on

9, sketch "senior nursing"
    Performance: Chen Wei, Xu Yan Mei, Chen Peng

10, dance "peach forest dream"
    Performance: Zhang Xuanxuan and so on

   11, the concert singing "spring"

    Performance: Zhao Shunli and so on

12, dance "see the north wind blowing"

    Performance: Chen Xuefei and so on

   13, song dancers "spiritual stage"

    Singing: Lin Wenjing, Ma Chi Cheng; dance: Wenzhou City Art Troupe

On the same day, many city and county leaders watched the party, and gave a high degree of praise to the "Artist Show" and congratulated the success of the party.