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Company "site 5S activities" the implementation of the wind blowing more wide

     Since the company's administrative department in April this year, the first task is to increase efforts to implement 5S inspection. Clear the standards, to completely change the past "almost" management concept, so that the production site at all times to maintain an orderly, clean state; to strictly in accordance with the process and manufacturing process

Of the requirements, so that product quality has always maintained steady rise. Thereby reducing consumption, improve efficiency, create a good corporate image.

      The Ministry of Administration jointly with the relevant workshop, the department set up a "5S inspection team", every Wednesday morning on the company's three workshops on-site routine inspection, the problem points after the summary sent to the workshop, within three working days of the rectification report will be fed back to the Team leader and business management department, and every day there are members of the team from time to time inspection, the problem will be directly transferred to the workshop by the rectification
      In order to better carry out the "site 5S activities" to motivate employees to achieve the purpose of full participation, the company set up a "5S management funds", but also set up a reward and punishment system: weekly routine inspection and daily inspection did not appear Qualified items will be deducted shop 10 yuan / item; failed to submit the rectification report on time, punish 20 yuan / time, and every time a working day punishable 10 yuan / day; rectification report is not rectification in place, The "5S management funds" after deduction of fines are issued to the workshop on the 10th day of the month. The 30% of the total penalty for the month is paid by the administrative department to the 5S inspection team

     The world is changing, and the only change is constant, and the change is often accompanied by pain, which is the same for those who change and who are changed. "5S activities on the scene" at the beginning of the implementation of the various problems encountered, but the 5S inspection team know that "the same will be backward, backward will be beaten," the truth, in the implementation of the activities of unswerving, and strive to change, do not talk about any situation surface. After several months of efforts, the current workshop site has been significantly improved: the table and the material placed in the past has been greatly improved, line, health, safety and process cards are also more standardized and reasonable.

  In the future, in addition to continuing to maintain and improve the existing results, 5S inspection team next task is to put the site 5S activities to promote the whole company, such as department office area, and then improve the standard, so that the company's management to a higher level.