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Samsung Electromechanical rationale for the evaluation of the establishment of the group

Recently, the company recommended the evaluation team approved the establishment of the group, the pu...

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The company produced the Department of Metalworking self-made items by reducing the cost of profits b

Starting from January this year, the Department of Production starts the inventory work, not only to...

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The supplier quality meeting was held today in our company

Today, the Quality Department, the Ministry of Materials and the Technology Promotion Division conve...

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Samsung Electromechanical Internal Auditor qualification training successfully concluded

Two of the internal auditor qualification training ended successfully over the weekend, the company...

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Full participation, full innovation - the first phase of the results of the recommendations of the su

September 29, the company rationalized the proposed group held the first phase of the results of the ...

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Stable development in tough markets - third quarter management meeting

October 20, the company organized the Samsung Electrical and Mechanical Services in the third quarter...

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The company two scientific and technological achievements through the provincial new product identifi

By the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission commissioned by the Pingyang County Ec...

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New starting point, the new journey - Deqing Samsung Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. o

Golden Chicken reported that the spring back to the earth! At the beginning of the year, Zhejiang Sam...

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Work in place, the responsibility to the people - Samsung Electrical and Mechanical held a letter of

In order to conscientiously implement the safety first, prevention, comprehensive management of the s...

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