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City Federation of Trade Unions "workers art show" large-scale variety show in my company c

July 23 evening, organized by the Wenzhou City Federation of Trade Unions, Wenzhou City Workers C...

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Company "site 5S activities" the implementation of the wind blowing more wide

Since the company's administrative department in April this year, the first task is to increase effo...

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The second workshop of the staff to improve the effectiveness of the process and on-site

Since this year, the two workshops have been significantly involved in improving and improving thei...

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Celebration "eight one", the company for the border, fire and police officers sent a holida

To celebrate the arrival of the Eighth Army Day, the company specifically for the Pingyang County Fir...

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Talking about how to do human resource management from the perspective of enterprise strategy

July 30, Hong Ren Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. The second phase of "human resources eli...

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Samsung Electromechanical and Zhejiang Marine Police Force to carry out networking meetings

August 26, Zhejiang Hai police first detachment of the three brigade political commissar led the off...

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The company carried out first aid survival knowledge training

September 11, I invited Chang Geng Hospital emergency experts on the staff of a first aid survival kn...

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Samsung Electrical and Mechanical welcome to the major university talent - Samsung students Samsung

December 10, Zhejiang Samsung Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. held a college students to recite t...

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Zhejiang Samsung Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. held "May Day" tug of war

In order to enrich the company's cultural life, cultivate staff unity and cooperation, hard work ahea...

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