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Team building

Side of the pioneer party members - Song progress

Article 3 of the First Chapter of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China stipulates that th...

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Samsung mechanical and electrical assembly workshop condensate together to expand outdoor activities

Recently, I assembled the workshop staff to Pingyang County Diao Yingzhai leisure agriculture park to...

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Company staff held a new staff forum

August 6, the Department of Human Resources held a staff exchange workshop, these employees are just...

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Enhance the competitiveness, enhance cohesion, improve combat effectiveness - the grass-roots cadres

August 12, Samsung Electrical and Mechanical grassroots cadre study exchange training courses offic...

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Samsung Electrical and Mechanical staff to participate in Aojiang Town, the first mini-party competit

August 3 to 11, Aojiang town miniature party competition first to four games in the depth of the cult...

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"Communication" - the grassroots cadres exchange training class second lesson

In the current level of grassroots cadres exchange training class, the company invited the people ...

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The company organizes middle-level cadres to participate in the study of "amoeba business system

Recently, the company's management support, by the Administration of Human Resources Branch of the co...

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How to do a qualified middle - level cadres

March 9, the company's grassroots management training courses held a fun training courses: "how to do...

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Speaking enthusiastically, the atmosphere was warm - grassroots cadres held a symposium

On the evening of March 23, our grassroots cadre class held a symposium on how to run grassroots cadr...

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Non - linear Development Thinking - Sidelights on the Study of "Index Organization"

On the evening of April 13th, all the students in the grassroots cadre of the company watched the vid...

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Stimulate innovation to expand efficiency

To further strengthen the team leader team building, to promote the team construction work concept pr...

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Carry forward the spirit of "May Fourth" to promote the development of the company - Zhejia

On the afternoon of May 4, the party committee of Zhejiang Samsung Electromechanical Co., Ltd. held a...

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